Stop trivializing mental illness

harley quinn mental health meme

Scanning social media feeds, you can see it's become fashionable to have a mental illness. There are quizzes to determine how OCD you might be. A friend might make a casual remark to another about how “bipolar” they can be in relationships and said friend is expected to respond I know right! Especially around that time of the month. Wink, wink.

5 ways to cut wait time for your doctor’s appointment

We’ve all been there-- you arrive on time for your 2:30 appointment, but 30 minutes later, you’re still waiting for your doctor to attend to the two additional patients ahead of you.

5 Helpful Tips To Eliminate Brain Fog And Think Clearly

Your thoughts may not be linear, but they can be rearranged to create coherence and communicate with others. Your mind may not always be clear, but you’ll develop strategies to use at a moment’s notice.

What People Don’t Tell You About Anxiety

There’s something people don’t tell you about anxiety. It changes, morphs into concern about the future, precaution against what might come. It craves attention. So, the more you try to drown out the thoughts, the louder they come. And they multiply! Until it’s wave upon wave of panic crashing against the dilapidated wall you’d put up in your mind, slowly wearing away the strategies you had gathered for moments like this.